Whitelist Yourself Now for the LXT Token Sale

The LEXIT Crowd Sale Whitelist is Open Now!

We’re happy to announce that our LEXIT ICO whitelist is now open for submissions. To ensure a secure and safe ICO we will perform a KYC for every participant. Whitelisting now has several benefits so make sure you’re ready to buy in at our Tier 1 round. It has the highest bonus of 75%! Our highly anticipated ICO starts soon, so don’t miss out and get whitelisted now.

To join the LEXIT whitelist portal just click here.

What is the LEXIT public token sale?

LEXIT is making sure that the community holds the true power of our token and will distribute a total of 50% of the total supply to market. This makes 80 Million LXT available at a hardcap of ETH 30,000. 

We’ve always believed in a strong community and our goal is to strengthen and empower it. The public demand for our token was ever growing so we decided to give you all the opportunity to be part of LEXIT.

Why you should participate in the LEXIT token sale

LEXIT is transforming the global Mergers & Acquisitions Industry. It is thousands of billions large volume every year. LEXITs Blockchain technology powered platform makes it safer, cost efficient and much faster to get a deal done. LEXIT will become the infrastructure platform of this very large financial industry.

Selling a startup, your own business, a large corporation or just Intellectual Property will never be the same again.

LEXIT has been in development for two years and will launch this year. It is built to generate revenue and profits for our clients right from the start and is one of the very few crypto projects that solve an actual problem. LEXIT has a strong use case and brings crypto technology finally to a real world application. Be part of the M&A revolution and support LEXIT, the business marketplace for everyone.

The LEXIT token sale starts on June 19 and finishes on July 25 at 11:59 UTC. You can learn more here.

Ready to join the future of M&A? Register for our whitelist now!

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