We've been updating our white paper...

Following feedback from the community, the mergers and acquisitions industry, and IP specialists, we have made some additions to the LEXIT white paper. It is now honed to the ins and outs of the M&A market and we are even more confident in the ways that blockchain can bring improvements where the traditional system falls short.

Here are some key points from the new and improved LEXIT white paper:

The Technology

The concept of trust is made irrelevant on the LEXIT marketplace and the role that the technology plays means that valuations, bids, and transactions are immutably recorded on the blockchain via smart contracts.

This means that all transactions are tamper-proof, secure, and transparent, while the self executing smart contracts allow users to conduct large deals without worrying about breach of contract.

Transactions are also more cost-efficient because of the peer-to-peer nature of the blockchain. The native LEXIT platform token (LXT) eliminates third-party processing fees and streamlines the entire process. The headline here: M&A deals are made faster and cheaper.

The LEXIT Ecosystem

High transaction costs and expert advisors contribute to the fact that the M&A market is often inaccessible for smaller enterprises. We seek to break down the barriers so that individuals and companies of all sizes can see the benefits that a successful merger or acquisition can bring.

This is achieved through our platform that has two key components: the Marketplace and the Deal Room. Our ecosystem facilitates buyers, sellers, experts, LEXIT Global Partners, and external partners, and is designed to open up M&A opportunities to any individual or entity, no matter the size.


Our Marketplace will be more open than the current system allows; LEXIT is free to join, it just contains a small listing fee for sellers to create an auction for IP, assets, and parts of or entire companies. Acquirers are then able to browse these auction listings on the searchable marketplace, instead of being faced with expensive scouting processes.

Buyers can ask questions or make further inquiries with sellers before bidding while the Marketplace phase also offers support from LEXIT platform experts, who give accurate and detailed information on a listing. After a seller accepts a buy offer the transaction then transitions into the Deal Room phase.

Deal Rooms

Our virtual Deal Rooms are secured spaces where non-disclosure agreements are signed, terms negotiated, and transactions finalized. They use robust security frameworks in order to reduce any risk of breach and access to each Deal Room will be tightly controlled.

Traditionally M&A negotiations favour the side which has the most resources. LEXIT aims to level the playing field by offering the same access and guidance to everyone and we will achieve this by maintaining a pool of experts who are on hand to advise in the Deal Room.

Our platform seeks to reward participants not for their size and financial clout, but for being good actors in the ecosystem with track records incrementally built from each deal participated in.

Introducing Partners to the LEXIT Platform

The LEXIT Global Partnership Program

We have established a Global Partnership Program (GPP) to invite a range of companies into the LEXIT ecosystem. To date we have partnered with 19 international accelerators, incubators, startup hubs, industry associations, venture capitalists, and M&A firms.

Partners on the GPP program will receive generous referral fees: 50% of the LEXIT transaction fee for each deal completed on the platform thanks to a Global Partner’s introduction. Furthermore, for a period of three years, they get 5% of every transaction sourced from new partners that they introduce.

Our External Partners

Our partnerships include external entities so as to enhance the LEXIT platform’s capabilities and help us to grow our ecosystem at a rapid pace, while also providing valuable support to our users and partners.

Our current roster of External Partners extends to various fields and includes: SelfKey, Chainium, Metaverse, Polymath, Veriff, and Startup Bootcamp. All of our partners contribute to the ultimate aim of providing the most conducive environment possible for entrepreneurs and startups to thrive in.

The LEXIT ecosystem can deliver progress on a global scale as the potential of technologies and businesses are able to be realized on a scale never seen before. This is our plan to revolutionize the world of M&A.

Read our White Paper today to find out more about the LEXIT ecosystem!

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