The LEXIT (LXT) Token Sale Will Now Run Until the End of September!

Our ICO/token sale event will now last until the release of the LEXIT pre-launch, on October 1st. By extending the end of the crowdsale, we hope to maintain the momentum among the community—right up until our first user logs in.

The level of enthusiasm since our pre-ICO is very appreciated and we’ve been thrilled to see such vibrant discussion in our Telegram group from people who have taken an interest in the LEXIT platform. We want to thank all of the community for their support so far and would like to offer more people the chance to buy in to our public sale.

Staying true to the ideal of empowering innovators, our extended ICO period allows us to ensure that our community is the largest token holding entity. Our current 25% token bonus will now run until August 31, so we encourage you to participate.

This is an exciting time for LEXIT as we continue to announce some great partnerships. John Wise, CEO of key partner, Loci, will be joining our co-founder Amir Kaltak for an AMA-Webinar tomorrow at 9am (EST).

If you have any questions about what our pre-launch website will look like, stay in touch with us via Telegram and Twitter.

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