The LEXIT Blog Post Bounty is Complete – Plus the next steps!

Over the last few weeks, the LEXIT ICO Bounty Campaign has received hundreds of blog entries. We would like to thank all bloggers who decided to participate by creating an original post about how LEXIT in building a blockchain-powered marketplace for IP and startups.

Our bounty team has informed us that the number of received entries has reached the limit of our blog bounty token allocation. Therefore, we will no longer accept blog posts starting tomorrow August 16.

I haven’t received my tokens – what is going on?

We are currently moderating each of the blog entries, as well as allocating their corresponding tokens. Due to plagiarism attempts and user abuse, we implemented additional moderation filters which have resulted in a backlog of blog entries waiting to be approved.

We remind all blog participants that as long as you entered your entry correctly, your activity is recorded and it is just a matter of time for us to allocate your token reward.

My blog entry was not approved! – can I appeal the decision?

If your post has not been approved and you think this is a mistake, send us an appeal email to [email protected] Please include a link to the unapproved post and a screenshot of your bounty dashboard. Since we are aiming to allocate all blog bounties before September 1st, we kindly ask you to send your appeal request before August 30 at 23:59 UTC.

Ok, so when I will get my bounty tokens?

LXT Tokens will be distributed to all backers and bounty participants within three weeks after the LEXIT ICO ends on September 30.

What will happen to the bounties of unapproved posts from the backlog?

Once the last blog bounty is allocated on September 1st, the remaining tokens will be added to our Bounty campaign fund.

We thank you again for participating in the LEXIT Blog bounty and invite you to get more LXT tokens via our other available campaigns. Please stay in touch with us via our Telegram channel and read our latest updates in the official LEXIT blog.

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