The LEXIT Autumn Airdrop Has Ended (here's what happens next!)

The LEXIT Autumn Airdrop ended on October 15, 23:59 UTC. In this post, we want to provide you some information about this community event and the steps leading up to token distribution.

How to claim Autumn Airdrop tokens

During our airdrop campaign, we encouraged everyone to submit their KYC documentation. If your submission was approved, then you just have to wait for your token dashboard to be updated. We appreciate your patience as we update everyone's dashboard.

If your KYC application was rejected, we encourage you to send your documentation as soon as possible. The final deadline to submit again your documents is October 23.

If the final submission deadline passes and your KYC is not approved, there is no way to change your profile verification status. Therefore we strongly request you to submit your documents ASAP if your KYC was rejected. You can check your current status here.

What comes next

As an M&A marketplace, we take our user verification process very seriously. All airdrop participants must pass all of the following requirements to have their KYC approved:

  • Restricted country filter: We filter and remove the KYC applications from residents of countries that do not allow token allocations.
  • Exact duplicate filter: We weeded out participants with multiple submissions using different accounts.
  • Manual cross-check: We will evaluate suspicious submissions to find more elaborate fraud attempts.
  • Social media audit: We will review the validity of the task completed by all users who participated in this airdrop.

After receiving thousands of submissions, we are down to the last 800. However we are opening an objection period for users that were rejected that will be open until October 23. During this period, rejected participants may submit again their documentation.

How many LXT will you get?

Our Autumn Airdrop offered a reward of 80 LXT. Additionally, we are giving 5 extra LXT tokens for users who registered their ETH address. This means you may get up to 85 LXT tokens for your participation in this campaign.

This amount is independent of the tokens you will receive if you participated in our February Airdrop and/or Bounty campaign.

Airdrop distribution

Once the appeal period ends, we will notify all users regarding their KYC status and allocate the pending tokens. Distribution dates should be announced shortly after.

Please make sure you have submitted your ERC20 compatible ETH wallet address in order to receive your LXT tokens. If you haven't submitted a wallet, please do so by clicking here.

I got my tokens, what can I do with my LXT?

We are currently offering a discount for any entrepreneur that decides to buy our crowdsale platform LexICO using LXT. You can read more about the benefits of using LexICO here.

In the near future, we will announce several token-holder exclusive activities in the lead-up to the release of the LEXIT platform. These exclusive activities will be announced via our official blog and newsletter.

Once the LEXIT is released (which we expect to happen within the next six months), you may use your tokens to pay premium listings, platform fees, and additional services. LEXIT is the first marketplace powered by blockchain where you can trade IP, code and even entire companies, don't miss out and hold your LXT!

Alternatively, once tokens are distributed you may trade them like any other cryptocurrency.

By following the strategy explained above, we are protecting the interests of the LEXIT community, making distribution more effective, and maintaining the stability of the LXT price once it starts hitting the exchanges.

If you have any questions, feel free to share them via our official Telegram.

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