moontec17 Recap

At the beginning of December we had the privilege of sponsoring moontec17.  


Moontec is the largest blockchain conference in Northern Europe; devoted to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and their implementation in various industries. The event was proudly hosted in our hometown of Tallinn – the capital of Europe’s innovative technology. Crammed to the roof with blockchain enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, and true believers in technology and progress, we immediately felt at home at this exhilarating event.

After being separated on the road for a while, the LEXIT team showed up in full, accompanied by our PR team and a staff of attendants.  

The effort clearly paid off; the LEXIT booth was something of an attraction during the conference - and not just because of the fresh coffee and free rides that were provided there. In contrast to most blockchain conference attendees, we at LEXIT regard our fellow participants not merely as colleagues or competitors, but as future clients and partners. The LEXIT solution is, after all, a solution tailor-made for them: entrepreneurs, technology-hubs, and VC-funds.

Here you can watch CEO Amir Kaltak presenting the LEXIT solution to the moontec17 audience.


Several of our team members were dragged aside for interviews by different outlets. Here’s Chief of Product, Deniss Raider, giving a short and conclusive summary of the LEXIT project to Cryptominded.


Later at the conference, Amir joined a panel discussing the present and future of the blockchain industry. Below you’ll find Amir’s answers to the questions raised. The full panel discussion will be published later this month on the LEXIT and moontec YouTube channels.


We want to thank moontec17 organizers and attendees for an exciting two days. For more updates about LEXIT and our upcoming token sale, stay tuned here, subscribe to our newsletter, and join us on Telegram.   

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The LEXIT Team.


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