LEXIT’s Founders Series. Episode 3 - Edmund John-Lowell

As part of the LEXIT founder’s series we’re conducting weekly interviews with entrepreneurs, M&A specialists, and industry influencers from the blockchain industry and beyond. Join us and our host Will Pangman from Cryptodisrupt, while we dive into the nitty gritty details of Mergers and Acquisitions and learn how industry leaders view the role of blockchain technology in this legacy sector.

This week we had the privilege of talking to Edmund John-Lowell. Edmund is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, blockchain enthusiasts and managing partner at Far Horizon Capital. Edmund is founder and CEO at SelfKey - a blockchain based self-sovereign identity ecosystem that empowers individuals and companies to find more freedom, privacy and wealth through the full ownership of their digital identity.


On the background of M&A processes he is currently involved in as CEO at Self-Key, Edmund shared his views of the current state of the industry and of the ways blockchain tech can improve it. Edmund is especially excited about the transparency and openness the blockchain can bring to the M&A space and the many opportunities more accessible M&A process could open up for new entrepreneurs.  

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The LEXIT Team.

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