LEXIT Token Distribution Announcement

A major milestone will be achieved soon: LEXIT will begin distributing LXT tokens on Monday October 29th, 2018!

Thank you to everyone who purchased tokens in the LEXIT private sale, participated in the crowdsale or co airdrop and bounty campaigns. Your continued support has helped us to launch in record time crowdsale solution LexICO and brought us closer to our main goal of launching the first M&A marketplace run on blockchain.

In the following post we will detail the order of token distribution, and how YOU can help us to make this process more efficient.

LEXIT token distribution checklist

As LEXIT comes closer to distribution, please make sure your account is all ready to receive your LXT tokens by reviewing this checklist:

  • Do I have an active account at sale.lexit.co?
  • Have I submitted my ETH address?
  • Have I sent my KYC documents?
  • Have I sent any additional documents requested by the LEXIT team?
  • Is my KYC status appearing as "whitelisted"?
  • Have I added the LXT token to MyEtherWallet?

If you need help finishing any of these tasks, please reach out to us via Intercom at Lexit.co or [email protected].

LXT distribution schedule

Although at this moment we do not have a complete distribution timeline, we do have a priority list. Members of the LEXIT community will get their tokens in the following order:

  1. Pre-sale backers
  2. Crowdsale participants
  3. Bounty participants
  4. Airdrop Participants

The confirmed distribution dates so far are October 29 for pre-sale backers and October 30 for crowdsale participants. We will announce the next dates of distribution as soon as possible.

Important reminder for crowdsale participants

If you purchased tokens in the LEXIT crowdsale, please make sure that you have provided all documents recently requested by the LEXIT team such as recent Proof of Address and passport/national ID document. In the remote chance the LEXIT legal team determines you are not eligible for distribution, your contribution will be refunded.

LEXIT Custom Token Details

To add the LEXIT token, please input the following information. A full tutorial about how to add the LEXIT token will be uploaded soon.

Contract Address: 0xaA031595D2D9B82847a5Df3390C6395839b273D0

Decimals: 18

Symbol: LXT

Exchange Listings Announcements

Our first exchange listing will be announced as the date of the first distribution round is closer. We have exciting community events and project updates coming up soon, please stay tuned to our official community channels:










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