LEXIT Starts Token Sale to Launch Distributed M&A and I.P. Marketplace

LEXIT is proud to announce the launch of its public token sale as of 9am (UTC). The LEXIT platform will be designed to revolutionize mergers and acquisitions and disrupt how intellectual property is bought and sold. This is made possible through a seamless online market with global reach.

The LXT crypto token can be used for internal transactions on LEXIT, which uses blockchain technology to power the world’s first marketplace for trading I.P., copyrights, technology, and even whole companies.

By doing so, M&A operations can be done cheaper, faster and safer while also connecting buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world.

A global partner program is in place and links LEXIT with companies in the technology space who will help launch the platform.

Serial entrepreneurs holding unused I.P. from discontinued projects and startups will have unfettered access to a global free market—putting power firmly back into the hands of the entrepreneurial community.

The initial coin offering (ICO) will see 50% of the total token supply released to market. This makes 80 million LXT available at a hard cap of ETH 30,000, and ensures that the largest token holding entity is always the community.

Those who enter right away will receive a 75% bonus on their buy in.

Those who buy in at the first tiers will receive a substantial token bonus.


The first global marketplace of its kind, LEXIT is meant to become a verb. As in, “If you want to exit your company, LEXIT it.”

We feel that our innovative use of blockchain technology could further disrupt how mergers and acquisitions are conducted, as the marketplace will facilitate M&A deals that can finalise up to four times faster at a quarter of the traditional cost.

How to participate in the LEXIT token sale

To buy your LXT tokens you need to first register at the LEXIT website and then complete the ‘Know Your Customer’ identity check.

This is fast becoming an industry standard for ICOs and is a great way to verify the profile of those buying in, which helps to make the token much more stable and credible.

The public sale will be live for just over a month and runs from June 19 before finishing on July 25 at 23:59 (UTC).

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