LEXIT is Thrilled to Announce Partnership With Security Token Company, Tokenport

We will work together to bring liquidity to assets that aren’t always easily converted into cash and offer universal access to a market for corporate assets. The tokenization of real world security issuances offers entrepreneurs unbridled access to a global marketplace of IP, assets, and parts of or entire companies.

The LEXIT platform seeks to solve the current issue of the great cost barrier to conducting mergers and acquisitions deals—it tends to be a lengthy process which requires costly legal assistance and expert advisory help.

Tokenport are working to make traditional assets more liquid, meanwhile. This could be resolved by issuing security tokens, which also has the effect of reducing the number of participants needed to complete a deal.

Frictionless trade on a global scale is the vision here: Tokenport want to help businesses to grow at a rapid pace, a goal that is in tune with the power of LEXIT to open up a worldwide marketplace for technologies and corporate assets.

The great advantage of distributed ledger technology on the blockchain is that the platform becomes accessible to companies of all sizes, with trades conducted much quicker and more easily than the current system allows.

Securities as tokens offer instant settlement of deals, high liquidity, lower transaction fees, and round-the-clock trading. This means that our partnership with Tokenport can bring major benefits to help us realize our goal of empowering the community.

LEXIT and Tokenport will discuss the possibility of listing securities tokens for sale on LEXIT, alongside corporate assets, as well as more abstract assets such as IP ownership, licensing, and usage rights.

The native LXT token creates a standard for all transactions on the LEXIT marketplace and can be used to pay fees for network services provided by expert advisors and legal professionals.

The potential of a marketplace that uses automatic smart contracts to process and finalize trades is untold; they are self-executing and immutable, so there is no danger of a breach of contract. Less expensive advisory and legal help will also make it open to companies of all sizes, with SMEs finally able to liquidise IP and assets on a scale not before possible.

Security tokens may usher in a new era of liquidity for assets such as bonds, equities, funds, artwork, and many others. With Tokenport, a wide range of corporate assets can be easily tokenized and seamlessly put on the blockchain.

This makes them the ideal partner to help stimulate the asset marketplace that LEXIT will provide and also provides a platform for the liquidation of Tokenport security tokens.

We look forward to working together to help businesses of all sizes grow and reach their full potential through a frictionless marketplace that carries a truly global reach.

You can follow the developments of our exciting partnership by keeping up to date with LEXIT on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and you can also follow Tokenport on Twitter.

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