LEXIT Expands Into Asian Markets, Bringing Us One Step Closer to Realising Our Global Vision

As part of the mission to create a global M&A marketplace, LEXIT now looks to gain a foothold in the Middle East and Asia. By adding new team members who hold a wealth of experience in these regions we aim to enter into these booming markets.

What’s new?

Tony Jaw joins us as LEXIT Director of China Operations, while Joe Santiago is now our Head of Business Development across the wider Asian region, and we are delighted to welcome Arjen Brussé as our Director in the Middle East. Foreign markets hold immense potential for an online marketplace for M&A deals, not least in the bustling Asian and Middle East economies that have claimed an important role in global business.

What does this mean?

Working closely with businesses from across the world will help us to fulfil the potential of as many diverse businesses as possible. Simply put, with more companies listing and trading assets or intellectual property on LEXIT, the value of the marketplace grows exponentially for both buyers and sellers.

We aim to solve the difficulty that companies may have when seeking to sell assets that are no longer needed, while making it easy for buyers to browse for whatever their business needs may be. By providing a far broader pool of potential buyers and sellers, transcending borders and making it as easy as searching online, LEXIT can bring a range of opportunities to businesses.

There can be great difficulty for all but the largest businesses in the Middle East and Asia when it comes to conducting M&A deals around the world; LEXIT could radically alter this dynamic with exciting possibilities for entrepreneurs and established companies everywhere.

Creating connections across regions worldwide

Tony Jaw enters as Director of China Operations with over a decade living and working in China, serving as the Executive Director at Shanghai Qisen Industrial Company. He has over 20 years of experience in commercial and consulting roles with specialist knowledge in advising companies looking to enter the Chinese market. This will be a crucial part of fostering a broad network of companies using LEXIT in what is the fastest growing market in the world.

And in Arjen Brussé we have a very talented individual joining our ranks. Aside from 11 years as a partner at Ernst & Young, he has over two decades as a trusted boardroom advisor and is the founder and managing partner of The Tardis Solutions Company, based in the Netherlands and UAE.

Arjen has seen nearly every business challenge, with experience as an executive and entrepreneur, and knows exactly what can happen in an M&A deal on both the buying and selling side. His established connections in the Middle East will prove crucial to bringing companies on to LEXIT.

Meanwhile, we welcome an innovative entrepreneur and marketer with more than 10 years of experience with Asian and International markets in Joe Santiago. A wealth of experience advising IT startups, specifically on marketing and operations strategies, could see him become a crucial part of bringing tech startups on to the platform to list and sell unfulfilled software patents. There is a lot of it out there, but too often it is extremely difficult to find out where demand for a particular patent may lie.

We look forward to a future full of possibility, both on the LEXIT marketplace and for businesses now able to maximise the potential of their assets. For a prosperous future that works to encourage progress and innovation, not stifle it, a global marketplace may prove key. This is what we will continue to strive for on LEXIT.

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