LEXIT Community Airdrop

Dear LEXIT Community,

After a highly successful private round, we decided to conduct several community token distribution events to guarantee an adequate and broad allocation of tokens among our supporters.

First up is the LEXIT community Airdrop.

On February 28th LEXIT will distribute 2% of the total LXT token supply among interested community members.

In order to be eligible to participate, please visit our Airdrop page and opt-in, following the instructions provided there. The LXT Airdrop is open to all community members and does not entail any kind of payment, cryptographic or otherwise.

Going forward, we will announce additional token distribution events, specifically targeting future LEXIT users. This includes potential buyers, sellers and assessors of IP, technology, and entire companies. 

Please note that LEXIT does not plan a public token sale.

To learn more, join our AMA session on Thursday, Feb. 8th, at 16:00 GMT.

Links to participate in the ZOOM discussion will be announced shortly. In the mean time you can pre-submit a question, subscribe to our youtube channel and newsletter, join us on Telegram, and follow us on twitter.

The LXT Token

The LXT token attracts a dynamic ecosystem of players – Buyers, Sellers, Assessors, and Global Partners. LXT token properties promote interest alignment of all market participants.

LXT allows buyers on LEXIT to:

Access extended reports on listed projects; hire the services of additional experts; or contact sellers discreetly

For sellers, LXT tokens are:

Collected as a listing fee; charged for active outreach; used to complete KYC and extended evaluation processes

Initial LXT distribution
Initial LXT Distribution

If you want to learn more about LXT token utility, please read Why LEXIT Needs a Token, and M&A the Blockchain on our blog.

If you want to learn more about LEXIT and stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter, join us on Telegram, and follow us on twitter.

See you around,

The LEXIT Team.


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