LEXIT Co-founders attend Global Blockchain Conference 2018

August began with a very busy week for the LEXIT team. As we approach the end of tier four of our ICO, co-founders Amir Kaltak and Deniss Raider had the chance of attending the 2018 Global Blockchain Conference in Dubai.

With the central theme "Technology Changes the World", this event aimed to accelerate the innovation of blockchain applications and technology through forum exchanges and dialogues. It hosted thousands of participants, who discussed the applications of blockchain in different industries over the four days of the summit.

The Dubai Global Blockchain Conference was the perfect stage to introduce the LEXIT blockchain-powered M&A marketplace to backers from Asia and Middle East. We received great feedback regarding our project, which led us to conclude that we're on the right track to release a platform that will streamline the Mergers & Acquisitions process to buyers, sellers, and assessors.

The facilitation of tech acquisition made possible by the LEXIT tokenized model was particularly interesting to the summit participants that visited our booth. We met with startup owners and blockchain top players that shared our excitement for the platform release, which will ease exiting their assets.

After four days of meetings and discussions in Dubai, our co-founders are now back at the LEXIT headquarters in Estonia.  The entire LEXIT team is excited to continue focusing on the last weeks of our ICO while also continuing working on platform development.

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Thank you for your support,

The LEXIT Team.

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