LEXIT announces two M&A experts as advisors

Today LEXIT is proud to announce two new advisors that will enable us to provide users with a streamlined M&A process that follows the best practices from the Mergers & Acquisitions industry. Please meet Marc Brouwers and Werner Leermakers, from LvH Corporate Finance.

Marc Brouwers

Marc has more than 20 years' experience in M&A dealmaking and corporate finance. His experience includes Dutch and international sell-side and buy-side transactions, mergers, joint ventures, MBO and MBI transactions, financing, restructuring, business reviews and valuations.

He has worked for family businesses in the SME sector, private equity firms, governments and international companies. In 2017, Marc joined LvH Corporate Finance. Before that, he worked with American Appraisal/Duff & Phelps (2012-2017), Ernst & Young (2000-2012) and as a business owner of a consultancy agency (1994-1999). Marc is married and a father to three daughters.

Werner Leermakers

Werner is an all-round, hands-on consultant with more than 18 years' experience in corporate finance and transaction management. 

Starting in 2000 at Ernst & Young, he has experienced all aspects of business transactions: buying, selling, (re)financing and valuation.

His clients range from medium-sized family companies and private equity firms to entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities. Werner is married and a father to three sons.

He will be joining the team alongside Mr. Brouwers, and we are thrilled to welcome them both and introduce them to the bustling LEXIT community.

About LVH Corporate Finance

LVH Corporate Finance is a trusted corporate finance lead advisor to the middle-market providing best-in-class advice and seamless execution on M&A transactions.

Since 2014 they build long-term relationships and partner with entrepreneurs, private equity investors and management teams planning to sell their businesses, build by acquisitions, valuate or raise capital.

We are glad to have the opportunity to work with two leading experts in the Mergers & Acquisitions market and to provide our users a simple solution that is based on the best practices from the M&A and blockchain industries.

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