LEXIT announces partnership with Polymath

Dear LEXIT Community,

We’re thrilled to announce our newly formed partnership with Polymath - The Securities Token Platform.

Polymath allows companies to issue securities as cryptographic tokens on the blockchain while facilitating full compliance with financial regulations on the basis of an innovative smart-contract approach. With Polymath’s ST-20 token standard, financial instruments such as shares, bonds, and future contracts can now be issued in seconds and traded as frictionlessly as cryptocurrencies and utility tokens.

Polymath’s approach opens up a new area in token-economics and will allow many new players to make good use of blockchain technology. With Polymath’s services, it will soon be possible to tokenize a wide array of corporate assets that were until now out of the reach of the blockchain industry. As such, Polymath and its unique approach to tokenization are an ideal match for LEXIT’s corporate assets marketplace.

As part of our partnership with Polymath, LEXIT will function as a liquidation venue for Polymath Security tokens and allow their trade alongside other corporate assets listed on LEXIT. Furthermore, LEXIT and Polymath will join forces to develop a tokenization mechanism for more abstract assets such as IP-ownership, usage rights, and licensing mechanisms that can then be traded on LEXIT’s M&A marketplace.


The implications of such a collaboration between LEXIT and Polymath are virtually endless. From tokens representing ownership of corporate assets - such as code or copyrights to the tokenized and smart-contract-powered licensing of patented innovations - the workflow arising from this joint development effort will herald an entirely new use-case for cryptographic tokens.

More details about the LEXIT\Polymath partnership will be released soon, so stay tuned here, subscribe to our newsletter, join our telegram group, and follow us on twitter.

The LEXIT Team.

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