LEXIT and Chainium Enter into Partnership

LEXIT is proud to announce that we will be partnering with Chainium.

Chainium is looking to use blockchain technology to disrupt the global equity market by giving any business the ability to raise capital and any investor the ability to buy shares in businesses. Chainium draws attention to the fact the equities market is currently dominated by bankers and argues the market is ripe for disruption, because the current system allows for investment in only 1% of the world’s businesses.

Chainium was built to connect businesses directly to investors and simplify the trading of shares. Its solutions have been designed to help large enterprises and SMEs alike, making it easier for them to raise capital and gain access to listed markets for a fraction of the usual price.

“If I see a great project then I want to get involved,” said Amir Kaltak, CEO of LEXIT. “Our M&A solutions combined with Chainium’s growth solutions will provide a comprehensive end-to-end service for businesses around the world. Working with Chainium and their expert team will unlock new potential as we continue to make the market accessible for everyone.”

Stated Chainium CEO Sascha Ragtschaa: “We are delighted to partner with a well-versed team of veteran entrepreneurs with specific experience in bringing startups to exit. Lexit is a natural partner for the Chainium ecosystem and we will continue to expand our network of partners as we grow.”

Why does this partnership make sense?

Chainium and LEXIT are both looking to provide innovative and practical blockchain solutions. Just like LEXIT, Chainium wants to simplify and improve old practices to make the market easier to navigate for SMEs as well as large enterprises.

Blockchain technology can make markets more transparent, handle KYC/ AML and other regulatory concerns, and address the lack of transparency and lack of trust in business. These problems have, until now, prevented the emergence of online markets for equity, whole companies, and their IP. We’ve decided to partner with Chainium so that we can implement the best solutions as quickly as possible.

Chainium is looking for an alternative to traditional IPOs to allow companies to raise capital fast, while at LEXIT we’re pioneering a decentralized marketplace for Mergers and Acquisitions. Together we can disrupt the global business market and provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

These goals can only be achieved by establishing trustworthy networks that bring buyers and sellers together, while dealing with the regulatory issues that arise when operating internationally. 

Chainium has a wealth of experience in equity markets and our team at LEXIT are veterans in the world of M&A. Working together will expand our networks and ensure that we benefit from the pooling of our knowledge. 

Chainium and LEXIT recognize some of the same issues within the industry. Together we can develop the best solutions to tackle them head-on.

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