LexICO announces video marketing partnership with high-end video production company Hypercube

LexICO, an all-in-one solution for private sale, crowdsale, bounty and airdrop management, has announced its partnership with Hypercube, the premier video agency specialized in high-end video content for the blockchain industry.

LexICO was created by the development team behind LEXIT, the first M&A platform powered by blockchain. LexICO is a customisable solution that offers projects a transparent, user friendly and secure place to manage their private sales, crowdsales, bounties and airdrops in a single platform.

LexICO has announced its strategic partnership with Hypercube, to offer their clients a wider range of marketing services for their ICOs.

The partnership benefits both current and potential customers. LexICO users are eligible for a 10% discount in Hypercube services, while Hypercube clients receive a 10% discount in all LexICO solution purchases. Both companies offer a package deal in which companies that hire both LexICO and Hypercube services will get a 10% discount as well.

Focusing exclusively on the blockchain industry since 2013, Hypercube has established itself as the leading expert and has helped launch brands like Binance, Neo, Polymath, Enigma, amongst others.

"Hypercube offers LexICO's clients a unique opportunity to align their video content with the look-and-feel of their customised LexICO platform. We are thrilled to start referring our clients to Hypercube and their team of top writers, producers, and directors." Amir Kaltak, CEO of Lexit.

By relying on Hypercube's video expertise, LexICO is enabling projects to launch and manage their private sales, crowdsales, bounties, and airdrops seamlessly while also being visually appealing.

"Our team are experts in creating emotionally engaging content. We love communicating the vision behind an ICO, and making the audience care about what they do, and why it matters. We do that by capturing the audience's imagination, creating an emotional engaging story, and instilling a deep sense of curiosity.  LexICO is going to make the lives of ICO teams so much easier. Devs don't have to re-invent the wheel anymore when it comes to building a crowdsale solution’’Joeri Pross, Executive Director of Hypercube.

To learn more about LexICO and Hypercube, please use the links below:

Official LEXICO Site

LEXIT Telegram

Official Hypercube Site

Hypercube Youtube channel

Hypercube Vimeo channel

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