Introducing LEXICO: All-around solution for a successful crowdsale

In the last couple of years, the number of ICO campaigns has grown exponentially. While last year there were  371 crowdsales, during the first half of 2018 over 730 Initial Coin Offerings were launched. Unfortunately, most projects fail to secure funding since they sell their tokens through outdated platforms or complicated processes. Today the LEXIT team is proud to introduce LexICO, a crowdsale solution for projects of all sizes.

We know that creating your own sales platform is not easy:

  • Using your own team is time-consuming, as they may need additional training to successfully develop it.
  • Automated solutions offer limited or zero customization in terms of branding, features, and purchase options.
  • Hiring ICO platform specialists is expensive, and many may not be interested in collaborating with smaller projects.

How to offer your project tokens is one of the first big decisions for a team, one we understand perfectly since we faced this choice while planning the LEXIT crowdsale. We ended up designing and implementing a token sales platform that worked smoothly for our backers and was easy to manage on a daily basis. 

After receiving great feedback from our community of entrepreneurs (since we are the first business marketplace to run on blockchain), we are happy to announce the launch of LexICO as an all-around crowdsale solution for all kinds of ICO projects.

What Makes lexico different?

LexICO aims to offer founders a full solution to run their crowdsale, allowing them to focus in marketing their project while using a token sales platform that is secure, runs smoothly, and looks great. The benefits of choosing LexICO as a token sale platform are clear:

  • ICO campaigns can be launched within weeks instead of months.
  • Founders have more time to develop their main project, rather than focus their efforts on building a platform they will use only once.
  • Dev teams don’t have to learn workflows that apply only to crowdsale solutions.
  • There is little or no need to hire or train developers in order to launch the ICO.
  • The same interface can be used to manage marketing activities such as bounty and airdrop campaigns.
  • ICO campaigns have full control over their funds, since there is no success fee.

Forget about hiring expensive consultants, buying unmodifiable solutions, or learning how to write a smart contract. By purchasing LexICO you get an all-around, customised, and user-friendly platform which allows you to launch a token sale that is easy to navigate and manage.

LexICO is a great choice for ICO projects that would rather focus on developing their solution further than spending hours coding a platform that will be used for a short amount of time. There are three things that make LexICO different from other crowdsale platforms:

  1. You can find the best fit for your project’s needs and current resources by choosing one of our three ICO solution packages.
  2. Flexible features that you can choose to highlight or hide.
  3. No need to pay a success fee on the funds raised.

LexICO was created by the development team behind LEXIT, the first M&A platform powered by blockchain. With the introduction of LexICO as a standalone solution for ICO projects, the LEXIT team is helping new businesses to launch their crowdsale campaign faster and at a fair price.

Amir Kaltak, CEO of LEXIT, described LexICO as the result of staying true to LEXIT’s core principle of finding value in every project:

“By selling our own ICO platform we are generating value not only for us, but also for our LEXIT backers, LexICO customers, and the crypto world. This is the kind of positive ripple effect we also want to create with LEXIT by making M&A deals more efficient.”

How does LEXICO works

LexICO is an all-around solution to run ICO campaigns. Our platform has the capacity to handle any kind of crowdsale since it can be customized to certain token purchase limits, number of tiers, special discounts, and KYC requirements. In addition, you can use it to manage airdrop and bounty campaigns, export mailing lists, and monitor the campaign’s performance.

When you purchase LexICO, you can choose between modifying the platform source code on your own or collaborate directly with our development team so they customize it for you. By becoming a LexICO client, you can focus on nurturing your community and implementing marketing strategies without the stress of developing a token sale site.

The ultimate goal of LexICO is to help teams to successfully manage their crowdsale and finish developing their blockchain solutions. By doing so, we empower founders from start to finish by aiding them to fund their projects and grow the adoption of blockchain in different industries.

The LexICO crowdsale solution was recently implemented by its first client, which allowed LEXIT to generate its first revenue. This is a major milestone, rarely reached by blockchain projects during their ICO stage.

We invite you to join this exciting new journey through the links below:

Official LEXICO Site – Compare our available solution packages and quote your custom ICO platform.

LEXIT Telegram – Discuss both LEXIT and Lexico project updates, ask questions, and give feedback.

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