How to participate in the LEXIT Referral Programme

The LEXIT referral program is easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge. By participating in our referral program, you will get a bonus of 5% on top of every purchase that uses your referral code.

We decided to launch this referral program to expand our community of token-holders who are as excited as we are regarding the launch of our M&A platform. The LEXIT crowdsale referral program is open to token sale participants, who will get their bonus tokens as soon as their referral code is used in a LXT purchase.

Every LEXIT token sale participant that buys at least 0.5 ETH will be granted a referral code. This personalized code can be shared with friends, relatives, coworkers, social media, forums, email, etc. If someone uses the referral code while buying LEXIT tokens (LXT), both the buyer and the referral code owner will receive 5% bonus tokens based on the referred party's purchased amount.

How does it work?


When you make your first purchase of LXT tokens worth minimum 0.5 ETH, your referral code will be available on the "Get Free Tokens" tab in our ICO site.


Share this code with your friends, network and community.


As soon as users buy LXTs with your referral code, your account (and theirs) will receive a LXT token bonus of 5%.


  • Only one referral code can be used in a single token purchase.
  • There is no limit to the number of people that can use an individual's referral code. The more you share it, the higher chance for you to get your bonus reward!
  • Circular referrals are not allowed.
  • The LEXIT team will make the final call on any disputes that may arise.

The LEXIT referral programme will remain active until the end of our ICO, which finishes on September 30. We hope to see you and your friends participate in this great token bonus.

Thank you again for your support!

-The LEXIT Team

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