Former Goldman Sachs Investment Banker Will Be New LEXIT Advisor

Edward Cotler

We are pleased to announce top investment banker Edward "Ed" Cotler as the latest addition to the list of renowned participants in the Board of Advisors of LEXIT. Ed will be joining the board as a strategic advisor, effective August 15th, 2018. 

Below is a brief overview of Ed’s career in corporate finance.  

About Edward Cotler 

Edward Cotler is a corporate finance expert, with a career that spans over two decades. He previously worked as Trader and Structurer at Merrill Lynch, and as VP of Mortgage Derivatives Trading at Deutsche Bank. 

Most recently, he served as VP of Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, focusing on new business development. Commencing August 15th, Ed will become a strategic blockchain and cryptocurrency advisor and investor. 

His advisory focus will be on business strategy, the augmentation of traditional capital raising methods via asset tokenization, digital coin economics and regulatory acceptance of emerging technologies. 


LEXIT is disrupting the way in which companies and their intellectual property (IP) are being bought, sold, and licensed. The blockchain powered LEXIT marketplace allows entrepreneurs to trade IP, copyrights and technology from projects, and even sell whole companies like startups. The LEXIT ICO will launch on June 19. We welcome Ed’s guidance, which will contribute to the structure, parameters, and automation of negotiations in the LEXIT platform.

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