Even more reasons to list your startup on LEXIT

On first glance, LEXIT as an M&A marketplace, primarily allows entrepreneurs to exit their companies - find a buyer for what they’ve worked on for years, hope for a good deal, and maybe even retire. This however, is only a small part of the role we seek to assume in the startup ecosystem and by no means LEXIT’s main purpose.

Dramatic exit deals are a rarity in the startup world, and frankly not the most healthy business goal to set while founding an enterprise. While it is entirely possible to exit à la Entourage and live happily ever after, LEXITs goal is to play a rationalizing role in the everyday life of the startup ecosystem and to provide a much-needed service that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to create value for all of us.

Even if you’re not about to exit and have absolutely zero plans of selling your company to someone else, you can still still benefit greatly from listing yourself on LEXITs marketplace. Here are only a few examples -    

Monetize your failures

Remember that logo you paid for but didn’t use in the end? What about the app concept that kick-started your startup but had to be discontinued? Or the packed library of algorithms you were so proud of but didn’t need eventually? Today, selling them isn’t really an option. Finding a buyer would take too much of your time, and overhead costs would probably eat up all potential profits. On LEXIT all your could-be assets can be listed, auctioned, and sold in a few days, providing a useful income stream to grow your actual business.

Grow faster than ever

Google, Facebook, Amazon - all of the industry giants know very well that if you want to grow fast, you should at least partly outsource chunks of your RnD. Whatever you might need, someone, somewhere is probably working on it and might even be willing to sell it to you. Until now this option was only available to huge multi-nationals. LEXIT utilizes blockchain technology to make the fantastic growth engine of M&A accessible to anyone.

Evaluate yourself

Even if you’re not planning on exiting anytime soon, knowing what your company is worth on the open market is always beneficial. LEXIT allows you to list your company anonymously, undergo a distributed evaluation process and expose yourself to the market’s judgment without having to reveal your identity or to pay ludicrous appraisement fees.  

End-to-End Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur means to continuously hit the ground while running. Most of your projects will fail. This is just a plain fact. LEXIT allows you to exit one project fast, and use it as a springboard to catapult yourself towards the next. The time and energy you’ll safe will guarantee a fresh start.    

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The LEXIT Team.

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