Connections are Everything: Intoducing LEXIT's Global Partner Program

To summarize LEXIT’s mission in one sentence - we’re out to increase the efficiency of M&A and corporate asset markets by several orders of magnitude.

One of the key ingredients to achieve this goal is the direct, massive matching of sellers with potential buyers; and when we say massive, we mean it. The degree of market-efficiency we strive to achieve is heavily reliant on the Law of Big Numbers: the larger the pool of buyers and sellers, the more reliable price discovery is, the faster good, Win-Win deals can be achieved.

For a Platform Marketplace like LEXIT this mainly means one thing: our success depends on the degree to which we succeed in creating sustainable network-dynamics. For this reason we regard our Global Partner Network as an extremely valuable asset and treat it accordingly.

LEXIT’s Global Partners (GPs) are highly connected players in the tech industry, such as VC funds, Technology Hubs, and Accelerators. LEXIT GPs utilize their vast networks and in-depth knowledge of the industry to onboard potential buyers and\or sellers of IP, technology, or entire companies to the LEXIT platform.  For every onboarded user that has successfully closed a deal on LEXIT, the responsible GP receives a 50% cut of LEXIT’s net commission concerning that deal.

Just to put things in perspective; most affiliate programs of comparable endeavours pay their associates one-figure percentages. However, our aspiration is to turn LEXIT into an industry-wide network phenomenon, and we are proud that our compensation plans reflect this ambition.

To widen the scope of this operation, GPs can recruit Sub-Partners, permeating the depths of the high-tech industry even further. While Global Partners are institutional players, screened and hand-picked by LEXIT, Sub-Partners are smaller entities or individuals in trust relationships with their appointing GP .

As of now, we signed up multiple General Partners covering Scandinavia, Benelux, UK, Spain, The Baltics, Mexico and Russia. Each and everyone of them already has direct connections to multiple potential LEXIT users and the capacity to recruit hundreds of Sub-Partners among their network.

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To Learn more about LEXIT’s General Partner program, please reach out to us at [email protected]

The Lexit Team.       


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