Bounty Alert - 10000 LXT for a tagline

Dear LEXIT Community,

We believe that the success of our endeavour wouldn’t be possible without you sharing our vision and pushing us forward. Heartened by the overwhelming support of an engaged and vibrant community, we want to offer our supporters a way of becoming an even more intimate part of the LEXIT project.

To thank you for your support, and to make good use of your collective wisdom, we decided to offer a 10000 LXT bounty to the creative genius among you that will deliver LEXIT’s new tagline. Once accepted, the chosen tagline will become an integral part of all LEXIT’s official communications, including our new website, logo, email signatures, and product branding.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out this form. Make sure to provide your real name, email and ETH address, and of course your tagline proposal. You can submit up to three taglines, but please submit the form only once. Duplicates may be disqualified.

After an initial selection process, the winner among the top three proposals will be selected by the LEXIT community and grant its creator with a 10000 LXT reward.


A few notes:

Submitted taglines should convey LEXIT’s vision and goals in a short, laconic, and memorable fashion. Our taglines “LEXIT - Reigniting Ideas” and “LEXIT - The Missing Piece of the Startup Ecosystem” have served us well so far, but now it is time for them to retire and make room for fresh, community generated ideas.  

Following long hours of conversations with the LEXIT community on social media, AMAs, and roadshows, we’re confident that our supporters have the understanding, wit, and creativity to not only accomplish this task, but to excel in it.

If you need some inspiration, please read through some of the articles below to refresh your understanding of the LEXIT project and the problems we strive to solve:

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How LEXIT streamlines M&A - A Comparison

The Bigger Picture: Why disrupting M&A with blockchain tech is so important

Even more reasons to list your startup on LEXIT

How to Recycle a Startup

You can also watch our previous AMA sessions -


We’re already excited and eager to hear your voice. Thank you for being with us and warm regards!

The LEXIT Team.

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