Blockchain Bitcoin Conference - a recap

Last week we had the privilege of co-sponsoring the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn, and it was a shining example of the buzz around the crypto space. The event was packed with experts, local blockchain enthusiasts, representatives from different businesses, and the media, and there was a great atmosphere throughout. It’s at each event the blockchain community is growing, and with it the opportunities awaiting us, our colleagues from the industry, and anyone eager to see blockchain technology realising its full potential.

With Estonia being our home base, we weren’t surprised that our stand was bustling but the visitors to Estonia were especially interested and had lots of valuable questions about our platform. Many were interested, of course, in how the blockchain will be implemented on LEXIT’s M&A Marketplace, but we received lots of practical questions too — like how to participate in our private sale, when will the platform go live, and inquiries about pre-listing opportunities, already eager to bring their companies/assets to LEXIT.

Our CEO and co-founder, Amir Kaltak, was one of the keynote speakers and delivered a twenty-minute presentation on ‘The New Era of M&A’ to a full audience, while CPO, Deniss Raider, delivered LEXIT’s pitch to another packed room. The audiences responded well to both as they brought the message of LEXIT to those who aren’t familiar with us yet, and we received tonnes of positive feedback afterward.

The aftermath of the conference was a particularly enjoyable experience for us as we invited around 70 guests to our new headquarters. It was a great chance to network and to get closer to members of the community. We had many inspiring conversations with people who were eager to learn more about our team and the LEXIT project, and it was a great way to conclude the conference.

As we write this, we’re currently attending another conference in Ukraine. We’re in Kiev talking to the local Blockchain community, and the atmosphere and excitement around the LEXIT project is being reflected here too. Amir is also due to give another presentation, and we’re looking forward to getting even more feedback from the wider blockchain community and making new connections.

Warm regards from Kiev,

The LEXIT team.

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