Bitmart Will Be First Exchange to List LXT, Native Token for M&A Marketplace LEXIT

LXT Token will begin trading on the BitMart exchange on November 1

LEXIT, the world’s first online mergers and acquisitions marketplace to allow businesses and individuals to trade assets, intellectual property and whole or parts of companies, has announced that its native LXT Token will begin trading on the BitMartexchange on November 1.

Bitmart will kick off the token listing with a trading competition held on their exchange.

As the first time LXT has been open for public trading, its current utility on LexICOmeans that it should hold tangible value. LEXIT’s token sale solution helps startups launch an ICO without the high costs of developing their own platform. Users are offered a substantial discount on LexICO servicesif they choose to pay using LXT tokens.

“We’re delighted to secure a listing on Bitmart and hope it will be the catalyst for bigger things to come. LXT can be used right away on LexICO and we believe this already brings true value to the native token for LEXIT. But we are always moving forward as we build the global M&A marketplace that businesses and entrepreneurs need,” saidLEXIT CEO, Amir Kaltak.

A decentralized registry of company, asset, and I.P. rights ownership through the blockchain ecosystemcarries serious advantages.Automatic and immutable smart contracts serve the essential function of making sure that all parties keep to their end of the deal, whilst the transfer of rights can be transparently and publicly recorded.

The LXT token represents the value of currency on LEXIT and means that all platform functions can be completely standardized. Features such as listing fees, anti-spam payments, and monetarily backed ratings mean that a crypto token is vital in helping to facilitate seamless and rapid transactions throughout the entire platform.

LEXIT not only halves the time it takes to sell a company, but provides a single platform for all aspects of negotiating an M&A deal. Advisory help is integrated into LEXIT — they are paid in LXT tokens — and smart contracts finalize automatically after each party meets the terms set for the deal.

This means that businesses can transact assets and I.P. on a global scale in next to no time at all. The token can be exchanged thereafter for another type of currency, or even reinvested into other assets or technology listed on the marketplace.

Conducting mergers and acquisitions or transferring I.P. these days is still largely reliant on paperwork and manual administration and is yet still vulnerable to fraud and abuse. But, using LXT tokens to trade on a blockchain-based marketplace confers the advantage of immutable evidence of ownership, and smart contracts that finalise automatically upon certain conditions being met.

You can find out more about BitMart at and LEXIT at

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