Beware of Phishing Attempts!

Dear LEXIT community,

Recently our team has thwarted several phishing attempts on our Telegram group.

As part of the attempt, attackers disguised themselves as LEXIT representatives, going under user names such as “LEXIT_Support”. The attackers posted statements and messaged users directly, fraudulently urging community members to send them Ether in exchange for LXT.

All attacks have been taken care of and additional security measures have been installed.

Our security team is constantly on guard to prevent attacks and keep you safe on all LEXIT channels. However, since our community has been expanding considerably, and with the LEXIT project gaining media attention, the interest of malevolent actors has naturally risen as well.    

In order to maximize your safety, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Future LEXIT token distribution events will be announced ahead of time, multiple times, and will be conducted via secured and audited distribution channels only. Under no circumstance will a LEXIT representative contact you via direct message and offer you to send assets to a cryptocurrency address in exchange for LXT. If you receive such a message, its sender has by definition malevolent intentions.
  • Please note that LEXIT representatives on Telegram are marked as “admin”, “manager”, or “owner” as shown below
  • Be suspicious of messages, direct or otherwise, coming from group members that are not identified as LEXIT representatives, especially if they pressure you to send money anywhere or distribute suspicious links.
  • While visiting LEXIT-related links, distribution and communication channels, please make sure that you are on a secured LEXIT subdomain.
  • Do not send ETH, BTC, or any other cryptocurrency anywhere without making sure that you know who the recipient is. If in doubt, please consult the LEXIT web page at for announcements, reach out to one of the official admins on Telegram, or contact us directly at [email protected]  

Thank you for your cooperation and warm regards,

Stay Safe!

The LEXIT team.

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