Announcing the LEXIT Last Tier Flex Bonus!

Through our crowdsale, we have learned that our community members are very interested in supporting LEXIT, either by becoming LXT token holders or helping us to spread the word about how we are building the first M&A marketplace powered by blockchain. To reward their trust on us, we are implementing the LEXIT Flex Bonus system for the last tier of our public sale.

The goal of the LEXIT Flex Bonus is to reward backers according to their contribution. Up until now, the token bonus was given on a tier basis limited by a deadline. With the implementation of the Flex Bonus, now the token bonuses will be calculated based on the contribution amount

If you are interested in the Flex Bonus, we recommend to do your KYC as soon as possible to avoid queues during the last days of the LEXIT sale. This last tier offers several bonus options, capped at a 70% extra. Please consider the transaction fee while making your contribution, as the bonus is calculated in the amount of tokens received.

LEXIT Flex Bonus Breakdown

Below 2 ETH → +10% LXT Tokens

From 2 ETH up → +25% LXT Tokens

From 5 ETH up → +35% LXT Tokens

From 10 ETH up → +50% LXT Tokens

From 100 ETH up →+70% LXT Tokens

What comes next

The LEXIT Flex Bonus will end at the same time our ICO closes on September 30, 23:59 UTC. Token distribution will take place within three weeks after the sale ends. Please note you must get verified in order to receive your LXT.

We are excited to reach the end of our ICO campaign, as we successfully reached our soft cap and now have enough funds to complete the development of the LEXIT platform, stay on track with our roadmap, and grow our network of partnerships and advisors. In the upcoming weeks, we will also announce the first exchanges that will list the LXT tokens.

We enjoy discussing the LEXIT project with our community since they give us great feedback. If you want to learn more about LEXIT and stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter, join us on Telegram, and follow us on Twitter.

The LEXIT Flex Tier ends on September 30 or until the last token allocated for the ICO is sold. Hurry up to get your LXT tokens with a bonus of up to 70%!

Thanks again for your support.

- The LEXIT team

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